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2009_05_12_tweettweetpollresults.jpgRecently, my mother asked me, “Do you twit?” I’ll give you a little context for why this matters. I’ve never even heard her use the term “Facebook,” although once, after watching Dateline, she did demand I delete my MySpace account, despite my never having a MySpace account. She has never, and likely will never, have an e-mail address or turn on a computer. When mom starts mentioning technologies, it means they’ve been beat into obsolescence and it’s time to move on, leaving Oprah, Ashton Kutcher and CNN holding all the blame.

It seems Twitter is so prevalent that pastors are asking congregants to post updates during services.

21% of you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of hearing about Twitter all the doggone time. You don’t care what the pastor wants you to do, but you wish he’d shut up about Twitter.

Congratulations, only 6% of you chose the snarky answer on this issue. And another 22% of you are genuinely unsure how you feel about getting all a-Twitter during church. It seems a bit … distracting.

The biggest chunk of you? Those are the ones who say that churches ought to be doing anything to engage people–Twitter or not. At war with them are the 25% who think you can take your Twitter and put it where the stained glass window don’t shine.

I feel like there has to be some point where we do a little bit of focusing without going off and spewing 140 characters every six seconds, but hey, I’m just a codgy old 22-year-old who can’t keep up with the kids these days.

This week, we’re asking: Church Marketing Sucks recently turned 1,500 posts old. What would you like in the next 1,500?

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