Church Easter Ideas

Church Easter Ideas: Jesus lights on stage.

He is risen! He is risen indeed! Easter is coming. It’s one of the most popular times in the year for guests to attend your church. It’s also the biggest celebration in the church calendar. So how will your church welcome visitors and celebrate Christ’s resurrection? We’ve got plenty of church Easter ideas to help you out.

How to Get Started:

We’ve got a lot of church Easter ideas, so let’s start easy:

1. Free Easter Resources

We’ve got plenty of church Easter ideas to share below, but let’s start with some free Easter resources:

Super Sunday: Planning Easter for Your Church2. Read the Book: Super Sunday

Forget the ham or lamb debate, church communicators need to plan, promote and keep their sanity. Our new book, Super Sunday: Planning Easter for your Church, can help. More than baskets and bunnies, Easter offers a glimpse of glory. That’s why churches celebrate big, and this resource will help them do it right.

For more on Super Sunday, check out this 20-minute video with Kelley Hartnett, Kelvin Co, and Kevin Hendricks:

Easter Stats

  • More people search for “church” around Easter than any other time.
  • Easter has the highest attendance of any service all year.
  • 20% are undecided about attending Easter services.

More on Easter stats.

Here’s the best Easter marketing strategy I can offer: Calm down. You still have time, and you can do this.

Just approach it like you would tackle a giant, chocolate Easter bunny: One bite at a time.

Church Easter Ideas & Resources

We’ve got a lot of resources to help your church at Easter. It can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve sorted them out into three areas:

  1. Planning and Promotion
  2. Ideas and Examples
  3. Surviving Easter & After

1. Church Easter Planning & Promotion

2. Church Easter Ideas & Examples

“One of my first great successes as a church communicator was seeing online activity from an Easter campaign I led for New Direction Christian Church. It was a 45-day social media campaign called “Follow” resulting in 2,700+ Facebook likes, 150+ comments, 400,000 Twitter impressions and 75,000+ Twitter accounts reached. The goal of the campaign was to challenge people’s ideas about what it really means to be a follower of Christ. What made this campaign work well was sharing great content (photos, videos, testimonials from an online story board and a 30-day devotional guide) and consistently encouraging people to answer questions and share their stories.” (Getting Started interview with Deanna Mingo)

3. Surviving Easter & After

The months and weeks leading up to Easter can be stressful for communicators. Be sure you’re taking care of yourself.

The week of Easter can be crazy stressful. It’s easy to lose focus. But there are three simple things you can do to stay focused: prayer, peace and post personally. Here’s a bit on finding peace:

“For many churches Easter is basically another word for church showoff day—a time when we spiff up the building, pull out the lilies, hire a brass quintet, and put on fabulous hats and do whatever we have to do to impress visitors. To me, it had always felt kind of like the church’s version of putting out the guest towels, which makes no sense. Easter is not a story about new dresses and flowers and spiffiness. Really, it’s a story about flesh and dirt and bodies and confusion, and it’s about the way God never seems to adhere to our expectations of what a proper God would do (as in not get himself killed in a totally avoidable way).” from Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint by Nadia Bolz-Weber

Super Sunday: Planning Easter for Your ChurchWe’ve got more help for dealing with the stress of Easter and after:

We hope you find the church Easter ideas you need, we hope your plans come together, and we wish your congregation a joyous Easter.