Church Bulletins

Bulletins are perhaps the most familiar and most common piece of church marketing. It can also be the bane of your existence. We’ve got a few tips, ideas, and resources to help you better your bulletin.

You might want to start with a little fun: Bulletin Bingo!

Church bulletins

Bulletin Changes

Here’s some help on tweaking your bulletin:

If you make everything ‘special’ and put it in your bulletin … nothing will be special.

Better Bulletins

Ready to improve your church bulletin?

Your church bulletin shouldn’t feel like a prank peanut can, exploding inserts and announcements all over guests.

We’ve got tips and ideas to help you improve your bulletin:

“Churches are making the dangerous assumption that if it’s important to us, it must be important to the audience.” –Phil Bowdle

Sample Church Bulletins

Need some bulletin examples? Check out these samples from a range of churches:

Bulletin Podcast

Check out the Sunday Bulletin Episode of the Church Marketing Podcast for eight questions to consider about your bulletin.