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2007_08_07newlabspoll.jpgLast week, we asked how you felt about our new Job Lab and Freelance Lab. Essentially, we want to know where you stand and how we can help you with our new projects. Here’s what you thought.

About half of respondents were creative professionals. We love you guys, so thanks for coming around. Of you, 25% are not currently looking for jobs. Not looking for a job is a fun place to be. Then, there are 15% who are looking or a job, and our labs have meant a ton. Keep your eyes open, because there are new jobs everyday. And finally, 2% of you would look for a job somewhere other than the labs.

Another quarter of you are churches. We love you guys, so thanks for coming around. Just 2% of you are churches who are trying to fill jobs and looking at the labs. 15% of respondents are churches who might need the labs one day, and they like their presence. Lastly, 8% of responding churches already have their own ways of filling job openings.

The final group are the 33% of you who aren’t in the church marketing job scene at all. We love you guys, so thanks for coming around (Yes, we are glad for all 100+% of your readership).

The moral of the story? Head over to the Job Lab and Freelance Lab and see what’s going on there. They just might be the way to get the best work possible for the best price possible–for churches and for individuals.

This week, let us know what the best summer marketing hook has been for your church in our newest poll.

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