Job and Freelance Labs: In The Beginning…

May 11, 2007 by

In the beginning, there were jobs. And projects. And they were free. You surely heard about the launch of our Job Lab and Freelance Lab, but maybe you haven’t been so bold as to venture over and check them out. For those timid visitors, here are some samplings of what we’ve seen in the short life of the new labs:

High Desert Church in Victorville, Calif. is looking for a communications director.

There’s an opening for a webmaster at Eagle Brook Church in Minnesota.

Anne Jackson is looking for some help designing a book cover.

There’s a new church in Charlotte, N.C., and they need help building a web site.

So, why should you care about the Job and Freelance Labs? Here’s a fast four. Four reasons that these new services matter to you.

  • You’re an artist–you design, create, manage or communicate. So keep your eyes open for job openings and freelance offers.
  • You’re a church. You have a need, you’ve been postponing finding someone because you didn’t know how to start the search. Start here.
  • You’re a spy. What are other churches doing? They’re hiring a what?!
  • It’s free! Just give it a try while we’re tweaking our system. See who can help and how, decide to keep it or not later.

Click on over to the Job Lab and Freelance Lab and see what’s going on in the world of church communications. It won’t be free for forever, so go ahead, take advantage; post a job or reply to a posting–there are a lot of churches who would love to hear from you.

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Joshua Cody

Josh Cody served as our associate editor for several years before moving on to bigger things. Like Texas. These days he lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, and you can find him online or on Twitter when he's not wrestling code.
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3 Responses to “Job and Freelance Labs: In The Beginning…”

  • Joshua, it is great that C.M.S. try to connect the Christian Service Buyers and Service Providers.
    I wish you a successful journey with !

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  • Web Design Minneapolis
    May 12, 2007

    Great website, great name and great job spreading the word! God bless!

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  • Gloria
    May 14, 2007

    Wouldn’t it be nice if it included a place for people to post profiles and resumes and stuff?
    Then churches could browse resumes and contact people they are interested in… and people who are afraid of rejection could blame the fact that they don’t have a job on someone else rather than… you know … go out searching for one.

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