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April 29, 2008 by

2008_04_29_locallabspollresults.jpgLocal Labs have really been taking off. They’ve been organic and exponential so far, so we wanted to see how an average reader would feel about a Local Lab in their own city.

It looks like the majority of you are adventurous souls. You would love to check out a Local Lab and see what it’s all about if there was one in your city. Well 23 cities nationwide (and one in Canada!) have Local Labs so far, so you might be in luck. That goes for the 36% of you who would go if it were convenient. It very well might be close to you.

That’s 86% of people who would go if the conditions were right. Wow!

Another 11% of you don’t really need Local Labs. Is that because you aren’t a designer or church marketer? Or are you just that good? And a final 3% of you like to keep your friends on the Internet. Maybe that means we need a Second Life Local Lab on our very own Church Marketing Sucks Island?

And if you want a Local Lab, but there’s not one in your area, just head over to the Church Marketing Lab, start a discussion thread titled “Local Lab [your city]” to hook up with some people in your area!

This week, it’s a quiz time. The results of this quiz are out there on the Internet, so answer before you find them! And we’ll post the study next week. So click through from your RSS reader and check our right sidebar to answer, what percent of churches would you guess have a web site?

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3 Responses to “Local Labs Poll Results”

  • Paul Carlson
    April 29, 2008

    We had a Local Lab in Fresno, CA on April 18… it was awesome. We had some great conversations about church marketing related issues, and it was really cool getting to know everybody who came. We had 11 people show, from 6 different churches… it was sweet.
    Anyways… if you’re on the fence about Local Labs, I highly recommend them. Ours was both fun and insightful.

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  • Granata
    April 30, 2008

    If anybody is in the OKC area, MinistryCOM has a monthly lunch for those in church communications to meet up for a meal and discussion. If you’re on Facebook, do a search for our group and join us.
    That said, I don’t see why I couldn’t attend two meetings.

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  • Tonja Conway
    April 30, 2008

    YES! We need a Second Life lab!
    I was at the Fresno local lab too, and I agree that it was an afternoon well spent.

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