The Communication Episode

The Communication Episode

September 21, 2015 by

Are you keeping the three c’s of communication in mind when creating content for your church? In this podcast Dave Shrein talks with Ryan Holck about how utilizing these three c’s will help communicate the mission of your church more effectively.

  • Convey details.
  • Connect heart.
  • Creatively deliver.

More About This Episode

Conveying details is the easy part. Communicating the right details to actually help people understand why they should be moved to action—that’s the hard part. Most people need more than the what, the when and the where to know why it matters to them.

Get beyond the details to connect with people’s hearts. They need to know why the church is doing what it’s doing and why they need to get involved. To do so, you need to connect with the pain-point; something they’re missing, something they’re hurting from or something they could benefit from.

Then deliver the content creatively. In order to do this effectively, you must be working ahead of time. Developing a realistic timeline that allows for creative planning is critical. Look at what tools, resources and people are available to you. By allowing others to get involved in the process it adds a whole new level of buy-in. Equip volunteers and the church body with information that allows them to share the vision or event organically in conversations with others.

Also in This Episode

  • What does it mean to think like a fan?
  • Why “awesome” isn’t good enough.
  • Have you ever written an event’s eulogy?
  • Tips on how to gracefully have the hard conversation with your boss.
  • Why using volunteers in the creative process is important.
  • And much more…

“It takes a lot more time from a planning standpoint to do things this way. But if our end goal is life change, it’s always worth it.” -Ryan Holck

About Our Guest

Ryan Holck began his career in church ministry as a worship pastor, but has spent the past 10 years in church communication. He loves helping other church communicators make things happen and expand the influence of the church and the kingdom of God. He is the owner and designer of, where he uses his passion to educate other church communicators.

Show Notes

About Our Sponsor

The Communication Episode is sponsored by Monk Development, builders of Ekklesia360, a website content management system built to meet the specific challenges and needs of churches and their congregations. Learn more about Ekklesia360 and the do-it-yourself content management tool that allows you to easily manage your church website by visiting their website here.

As you build your communication plan there is a likelihood that you will feel scattered, stretched too thin or frustrated at your communications workload.

The Ekklesia 360 team put together a resource filled with tools that will help you optimize your efficiency and communication methods.


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