Get Involved

We need your help. Church communication won’t improve because of a web site. It takes a community. It takes a conversation. It takes you.

So here are three ways you can support Church Marketing Sucks and our nonprofit parent, the Center for Church Communication. Do something—don’t just be a pew-warmer. Be a contributor, not a complainer.

1. Join the Conversation

  • Share your thoughts in the comments.
  • Subscribe to keep up with the conversation (RSS, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter—pick one!).
  • Contribute: Send us news, tips and ideas or write a guest blog entry yourself.
  • Spread the word: We’ve got digital and real world swag you can use to tell your friends.

2. Check out other Center for Church Communication projects:

3. Pray
While we’re all about doing what works and utilizing the latest marketing techniques and fancy new technologies, we’re also keenly aware that nothing happens without God. The church will never matter on its own. So more than involvement, more than cash—this movement needs prayer:

  • Pray that churches everywhere will communicate the truth of the gospel clearly, creatively and effectively.
  • Pray that designers, writers, programmers, pastors and church administrators will see the importance of communication.
  • Pray for more than butts in pews—pray for changed lives.
  • And if you can, pray for us. Pray that we’ll have the ability to effectively serve churches and church communicators.