12 Ideas for Thanking Christmas Volunteers

12 Ideas for Thanking Christmas Volunteers

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Let’s be honest—we as church leaders would not be able to do ministry without volunteers. Church staff members work hard, but there’s only so much we can do. Which is why free labor is crucial for any church. And no time is this more true than during the Christmas season.

Christmas volunteers selflessly give up their holiday time to serve others. They don’t do it for the pay (because there isn’t any) or the praise (because there’s not usually much of that either). These volunteers give of themselves because it’s the right thing to do.

Even though they’re not in it for the glory, it’s still important for us to thank these volunteers for their service. Even though they’re not doing the work for the recognition, our gratitude still shows that their hard work is valued and needed.

How to Thank Your Volunteers

In the spirit of the Christmas season, here are 12 different ways your church can show its holiday volunteers a little yuletide thank you this year:

1. Handwritten Thank Yous

Most people don’t do handwritten notes anymore. Which makes these even more special. Take a day or two with your staff and write a personal message to each volunteer individually.

2. Social Media Shoutout

Some volunteers might appreciate some public love online. Find those volunteers who are active on social media and tag them in a post of appreciation. This is also a cool way to introduce these volunteers to your followers.

3. Surprise Snack

Have volunteers fill out a “get to know you sheet” that includes their favorite beverages, candy, and snacks. Then surprise them one day with a personalized treat.

Download the free resource to get the full list of 12 ideas.

Bonus Resource

And as a thanks to you, we’ve got a bonus resource for you.

We’ve done a lot of lead magnets, where we offer a free resource in exchange for an email address. It’s all the marketing range. But maybe that sort of transactional exchange isn’t the best fit for the church. Matt Ehresman explores how the non-lead magnet might be a better fit. Download it now for free, no strings attached.

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