The How We Do It Episode

The How We Do It Episode

November 5, 2015 by

In this episode, Dave Shrein talks with Diana Fang about how a big church like National Community Church manages their social media presence.  Diana feels that the church should be working to redeem the social media platforms to help people grow closer to Christ.  She shares tips and ideas that even the smallest churches can use to connect better online.

Diana discusses how she balances the many platforms for National Community Church, tailoring posts to make a difference in people’s lives.  She challenges herself and her team to craft posts that lead people back to Jesus.  If one more person has read the Bible that day because of a post, that’s a win in her books!

More About This Episode

Dave and Diana discuss practical tools, and how to succeed on several different social platforms while maintaining quality branding consistency.  Challenging church communicators to dig into the Sunday sermon more, to continue giving it traction throughout the week.  But her biggest piece of advice: don’t just automate your all your posts, be purposeful and intentional in building relationships… really connect online.

Also in this Episode

  • Can you really leverage media platforms to draw people to Christ?
  • Practical tips make posting easier.
  • Are your media posts targeting the wrong crowd?
  • How to develop real relationships with genuine posts.
  • And much more…

About Our Guest

Diana Fang is the social media strategist for National Community Church (NCC) in Washington, D.C.  She manages all 26 social media accounts for NCC, making sure the people are well informed while maintaining branding consistency throughout.  With eight different locations and several sub brands, her role handling all things Internet keeps her on her toes.  And gives us a great conversation with practical experiences to glean information.

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