The Website Content Episode

The Website Content Episode

April 14, 2015 by

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Should churches be concerned with their copywriting? This is the first question we post to Mike Kim, an expert in copywriting, marketing and storytelling. The short answer? Yes. The long answer? Yesssssssssss! Your copy is any text that has been published to convey information and serves as the cheapest, most effective way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing. Copywriting doesn’t require a huge budget, magical formulas or massive amounts of education. All good copywriting requires is an intentional approach to what words you use in order to describe your church.

We are often under the gun when it comes to publishing our copy (be it for our websites, programs, banners, etc.) and as a result our words are cloaked in church-y language. We write our copy in ways that make sense to us as church leaders and communicators rather than casting vision to those who we are hoping to reach.

What changes need to take place inside of us as church leaders in order to impact the copy we create? How do we write in a way that casts vision rather than bullhorns information? In The Website Content Episode, Mike Kim takes us on a path of instruction which will challenge your current copywriting methods and give you simple tactics you can use in order to write for those you’re trying to reach.

About Our Guest

You have many options when it comes to brand coaches and we would implore you to consider Mike Kim as your branding coach. Mike is a marketing consultant, communications strategist and copywriter. His goal to help you live your message, love your work, and leave your mark on the world influences everything he does and is ultimately what brought him onto the Church Marketing Podcast.

In this episode, Mike pulls back the curtain on the processes he adopts in order to write effective copy for church, nonprofit and for-profit industries. He is not one to provide half-way answers but he reveals a mindset to embrace and tactics to employ which supplies you with everything you need to start getting better results from your copy right now.

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Need more help with copy? Check out our book, Getting Started in Church Communication: Copy Matters, for more great tips on writing.

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Dave Shrein is the founder of Campaign Donut, empowering communicators to create content marketing campaigns that convert.
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4 Responses to “The Website Content Episode”

  • Mike Kim
    April 17, 2015

    I was honored to be on the show, Dave! I hope that listeners found useful and actionable tips to maximize communications. Thankful to be a part of what you and the rest of the team are doing!

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    • Vicki Downs
      July 8, 2015

      As a Christian and Covenant member for over 35 years, I was disappointed to see the word sucks in a headline of your article. I don’t think this is the way we want to represent ourselves in God’s world or the way God would want us to represent him in the world. Have we taken the world’s language and made it our own? I hope not.

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    • Ben Komanapalli
      February 14, 2017

      Hi Mike!

      I just finished listening to the podcast and wanted to register for the Marketing for Missionaries Course but it looks like the course is closed or the link does not work when I clock on register. Let me know if I can still register.


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