The Awesome Communicator Episode 2

The Awesome Communicator Episode 2

January 20, 2015 by

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Ready to hop on the wall again and learn from the success and failures of others? This is the second episode focusing on awesome church communicators. In this episode we speak with two church communicators about branding, guidelines, volunteers and team building. There are literally hundreds of communicators who are in our Church Marketing Sucks family and it’s about time we heard from them!

About Our Guests

Emily Carlton is the graphic designer at Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas. Grace Bible has approximately 5,000 people each weekend between their two campuses and in 2015 they’ll be launching a third campus. College Station is a true “college town” as Texas A&M is the heart and soul of the local economy. In 2014 Emily took on the challenge of bringing continuity to Grace’s design efforts by embarking on the journey of creating an organization style guide. Her guide allows new designers to get up to speed, it establishes norms for staff and leadership and allows the design team to focus on creativity within the set identity of Grace Bible Church.

Bonni Mace is the brand and communications director at Church at Severn Run in Severn, Md. Severn Run is a church of approximately 700 to 1,000 people on any given Sunday. Severn Run is at critical mass. The jump between 700 and 1000 is very difficult for any staff, and leadership has been challenging staff to build their volunteer teams. One of Bonni’s greatest accomplishments in 2014 was to build a team of volunteer leaders to help her shoulder the load of communications and maintain the excellence in terms of branding and communication. She has a writing leader, video team and social media team. She has built her team to be thinking independently so that they can produce high level content—something that is very unique for a completely volunteer team.

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