The Communication Schedule Episode

The Communication Schedule Episode

July 20, 2015 by

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Kevin D. Hendricks gives us practical tips to create consistent content within our specific niche that captures our unique voice for our audience. Kevin gives us three traits of a successful blog or website to help us stay engaged with our audience, and some practical tips on keeping the fresh content coming through an editorial calendar.

The first trait is consistency.  Kevin discusses how important it is to discover what type of schedule is sustainable for you, and then how to stick with it.  Just like the daily news or the weekly top 40 songs, your audience needs to know when and where they can expect and find new content.

The second key trait for successful blog or website content is to find your niche.  No one can be all things to all people.  You need to figure out who you are reaching, what your church or ministry is all about.  Kevin shares tips for keeping your focus on your church’s unique mission statement, leaning into similar language throughout your content helps to solidify your “brand.”

And the third trait is discovering your unique voice.  The “brand” for your church is the unique thing that draws people within your community together, it is your mission, vision, and values that unites your congregation.  Kevin talks about finding that unique voice in your mission statement and developing a style and tone to keep your audience interested and informed.

Kevin also provides practical tips on how to build your own editorial calendar so you can stay ahead of the content game, keeping things relevant to your audience without overwhelming your schedule.  He talks about what tools he’s used in the past, and what he’s using now to help him keep track of his content.  He shares how he gathers new ideas.  And gives us inspiration to fill our own editorial calendars with quality content.

His final piece of advice?  Start with one thing.  If you want to improve communication and content for your church, just start with one thing.  Work at that, build that, make it the best you can, then go from there to the next thing.

About Our Guest

Kevin D. Hendricks is the mastermind editor behind Church Marketing Sucks.  He oversees the entire editorial calendar, coordinates with the different authors, develops concepts for stories and comes up with content.  He pretty much does everything to keep Church Marketing Sucks running and providing new, practical content for you to use.  Kevin also runs his own writing and editing company called Monkey Outta Nowhere.  He has blogged since 1998 and has published several books—see more here.

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