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2010_04_20_techwishespollresults.jpgGizmos, gadgets, and technological marvels abound today. From touchable pads to particle smashers, we’re living in an age of marvels. Your church likely has some sort of magical projector system, an amalgamation of 1s and 0s that turn into a web site and contraptions of metals and plastic that work like super long-range walkie talkies.

But what’s next? Which tech item is highest on your church’s wish list?

A perennial favorite, and no surprise, the biggest wish is a new church web site. 51% of you are hoping for a web site that you can be proud of before you get into too much space age technology.

Next up? The sexy choice. Holographs! You’re ready to skip over everything that comes between now and then so your pastor can record himself on Friday and stay in bed on Sunday.

13% of you curmudgeons don’t want any toys or gizmos. You just want to keep going how you are, singing out of your hymnals and riding to church in your horse and buggies. Or, more positively, you want to avoid the trap of constant upgrades and material focus.

The final two groups of you are 12% who’d like an Internet campus to avoid all of that messy driving and 9% who want an application for mobile phones. I’d expect especially that last number to be bigger. Perhaps I should include some smart phone research?

Whatever you’re looking for, we trust you won’t mind us recommending the Church Marketing Directory. We built it just for occasions such as this. Thinking about trying something new? Meet some experts who can give you advice.

This week, we’re talking advertising. You can choose multiple answers, but we want to know, which forms of advertising has your church tried in the past year?

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  • Nathan Keen
    April 21, 2010

    Our Geelong (Australia) church got worldwide newspaper coverage for doing a lifelike re-enactment of Jesus on the Cross!
    We didn’t “try” that form of advertising – it just happened when the police came and pulled the plug on our music, telling us to move on!

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