Internet Evangelism Day

Internet Evangelism Day

April 22, 2010 by

When I first heard about Internet Evangelism Day which is this Sunday, April 25, my critical sensors came alive and I may have even sneered a little, “Here we go again, Christians trying to make a holiday of something we should be doing everyday.”

See, I’m in Joe Aldrich’s camp, who wrote the book on lifestyle evangelism… literally. He says, “Christ’s model helps us see that effective evangelism involves the visualization and verbalization of truth. Christ’s personal communication strategy was incarnational: ‘The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us’ (John 1:14)” (from Lifestyle Evangelism by Joe Aldrich, pg 31). I would hope that we Christians wouldn’t need a day to force or cajole us into evangelism, hoping that we are already a witness in our communities (Internet and physical) to the redemption and reconciliation present in our lives through Christ. Though, in reality being a beacon of hope on our online social networks may not be the case for most people…

In lieu of this—I think it’s important to reframe my initial critical response, looking at Internet Evangelism Day as a kick-off event to a new online mantra rather than a one day event. To be more specific, if you aren’t already “incarnating” Christ’s love on your social networks—a day like this might be the catalyst to rebrand yourself online. Think of it as a chance to come out of the closet and let everybody know your stance on God, Jesus and the how the gospel has affected you by sharing a personal story or even—gasp—your testimony.

In 2008, during my first month on staff at, the Church Online team partnered with Carlos Whittaker, CFCC’s very own Cynthia Ware, the ubiquitous John Saddington, and a host of others to promote a week of sharing your life’s story on your social networks. This Lifeshare event was a catalyst for many across the globe to change their online persona giving permission to reflect their faith and hope in Christ via their online networks. The push was not to upload a Roman’s Road tract to your blog and pray for a conversion, rather it was encouragement to be a witness to what God has done and is doing in your life through a conversation with those in your various networks.

This Sunday, Internet Evangelism Day, can be that for you, a catalyst to change how you present yourself online, a permission slip to share your story. Churches, of all places, should be firmly behind Internet Evangelism Day because sharing our stories is perhaps one of the best ways to do church marketing.

If the thought of this kind of transparency freaks you out… that’s okay. It should. It’s easy to compartmentalize our life, leaving God stuff for Sunday, and disengaging from any type of God-speak throughout the week. The problem is God calls us to be a witness everyday and everywhere. If you find your online presence to be you-centric rather than Christ-centric, this may be a chance to redeem that space.

Don’t know where or how to get started? Well don’t worry, the folks over at Internet Evangelism Day have put together a very robust site giving you a lot of resources and strategies to begin your integration. They have also loaded the site with training videos and how-to pages to make your web site, blog, Facebook page, Second Life avatar and Twitter feed be all that it can be to spread the gospel of Christ throughout your networks and online spaces. And going back to Joe Aldrich’s quote, what better place to “visualize and verbalize the truth” of the gospel than on your social networks and web sites? Be creative, be transparent, be who God has made you to be.

So beginning Sunday, I challenge you to be transparent throughout all your mediums—digital and physical—share your story, your testimony, on how God has impacted your everyday experience, online and offline, and see what kind of conversations God will evoke in the lives of your friends. Let’s wade through the grey areas of life, looking for crayons to scribble the beauty of God’s love.

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Sam DuRegger

Sam DuRegger, lives in Pella, Iowa, and is one of CFCC's Regional Network Coordinators. He ruminates on faith and technology at and is the principal owner of Samwell Creative Group, a new media consulting company that focuses on creative collaboration.
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One Response to “Internet Evangelism Day”

  • Rev. Don Walley
    April 23, 2010

    Mr. DuRegger,
    I’m not writing this to get it posted. I AM writing to ask you to do us a small favor.
    We applaud the world wide efforts of those associated with IED. However, we feel there is a HUGE omission in the approach Churches take toward online evangelism.
    And, it remains a mystery to me/us as to why. We suspect that the Church lacks vision, technical skills, financial resources or accessible tools to move forward with this. Our team believes we have solved ALL these issues and provide a critical and well thought out strategy.
    We would ask, in your opinion, how is it possible that the very large percentage of the evangelical Church does NOT post the Gospel on their websites. Our unofficial observations suggest less than 5% of these Churches offer to the Online Seeker the same promise of Eternal Life they do to those in their pews or missionary enterprises.
    IED reports there are over 2,000,000 people DAILY seeking spiritual help online worldwide. And, there are approximately 375,000 Churches in the U.S. So, we wonder, why is the Church NOT engaging the Online Seeker and basically abandoning them primarily to wellmeaning, well-resourced, parachurch organizations. (Again, I applaud their commitment and efforts. I was on staff with Navigators/Church Discipleship Ministries before moving to The aXiom Network.
    We would sincerely appreciate your opinion/review/observations, etc. about these efforts. We were flattered recently by the unsolicited comments from the International Director of Navigators who said, “The potential for would seem to be enormous…!”
    Our goal is to work with 100,000 local fellowships across the U.S. initially who are or willing to become committed to “Changing Hearts, Growing the Church and Transforming the Web”.
    We are not foolish enough to believe that our approach is the final say. However, we note on our website that “The aXiom Network is to the web what a Bible in a hotel room…” Like a Gideon’s Bible standing sentinal so a Church’s “Road Swap Gospel Page” stands ready to be used by the Holy Spirit to lead as He wishes.
    A Survey we are about to distribute can be found at It’s only 7 Questions, take 5 minutes and we welcome your feedback.
    We rolled it out only today and want Church leaders’ responses as a way of introducing our ministry model.
    Any publicity, kind words (or even honest ‘not so kind’ words) would be appreciated.
    NOTE: We have only begun our launch and are trusting God for great things in the future as He uses the web to reach this and future generations.
    AND, any advice you can offer about how to better Market our services (so that our marketing doesn’t suck!) would be sincerely appreciated as well.
    We are a VERY small team of rather obsessive guys. We have very few resources but a HUGE vision and a great God.
    Thanx for your time and consideration.
    Soli Deo Gloria
    Serving with you,
    Rev. Don Walley, Director
    The aXiom Network
    P.S. You can also see The Great Commission “LIVE” at our partner sie: I think you might find this particularly interesting.

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