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March 5, 2008 by

2008_03_04internetministrypoll.jpgThis week, we asked how your church most often uses the Internet during ministry. We’ve certainly seen examples of churches doing all three, but when the vote went to the people, here’s what you had to say:

The clear, large and distinct majority use the Internet to augment existing ministries. Maybe you have a Facebook account to go with your youth group, a microsite to go along with a service launch or information on your church’s site to promote an event.

Another 25% of you use the Internet primarily as missions and outreach. There are people out there who are yet to be reached, and you see the only way to reach them as the Internet. Maybe gamers. Maybe techies. Maybe even Trekkies?

The final 5% of you use the Internet to replace existing ministries. I mean hey, why drive to church on Sunday mornings when you can fly in Second Life? Really though, what sort of ministries have you been able to completely outsource to the Internet? It’s an interesting concept.

This week, we’re asking you, what church marketing move do you most wish churches would give up for Lent?

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One Response to “Internet Minsitry Poll Results”

  • cammoblammo
    March 5, 2008

    I think there were two missing options that would have been popular —
    4) Intarwebs? What’s that?
    5) Yeah, we have it, but we don’t do much with it in ministry terms.
    Personally, I would have chosen 5. As it was, I chose the ‘augment existing ministries option. It’s true: I don’t ring our organist with hymn numbers any more, I email them to her!

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