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November 27, 2007 by

2007_11_27polkamasspoll.jpgLast week, we wanted to know what you’d do when you heard there was a polka mass in town. Despite stuffing yourself with turkey and dressing, you let us know. Here’s how you answered:

9% of you are chomping at the bit. Just answering this poll very well might have excited you enough to go out and organize your own polka mass.

Another 20% of you want to do it, but you’re not going to go out of your way. If someone will let you borrow their shoes and their favorite Slovenian folk album, then you’ll partake.

12% of you are less convinced. You would go, but only as a last resort. Polka is simply your backup plan if all your friends bail on you.

The vast majority of you, 60%, wouldn’t be caught dead at polka mass. For the record, I’d be in hiding with you guys. I’m more of a river dance mass guy myself.

This week, we get away from Thanksgiving fun shenanigans like polka, and we ask, when it’s time to design Christmas graphics, and the word Christmas doesn’t quite fit, you…

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