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July 17, 2007 by

2007_07_17newchurchlocationpoll.jpgFor the first time at CMS, we decided to take our poll head to head with another poll. Last month, we asked the question, “Where should a new church meet?” In that post, we cited a report that asked the same question as us; here’s the result comparison:

60% of CMS readers say it makes no difference whether you meet in a church building or a non-church building. That number was a bit higher, 73%, in the North American Mission Board’s poll.

Only 9% of you thought it would negatively impact your decision of joining a church if they met in a non-traditional church building, while 19% of the previous poll’s respondents answered the same.

The largest disparity is that 20% of you would be positively affected by not meeting in a traditional building, while only 6% agreed in the earlier study.

Finally, 11% of you are unsure, while only 2% of the previously mentioned poll were unsure. The results? I don’t know about you, but I think they all point to one answer: CMS readers are far superior to the general public.

This week, make sure you let us know what you like about us! The new poll is up, so head over and vote.

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  • Paul Loeffler
    July 18, 2007

    It is so tempting to vote that I’m just here spying. That’s a great one.

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