The Top 10 Posts of 2011

The Top 10 Posts of 2011

December 30, 2011 by

And here we go, the top 10 posts of 2011:

10) How Your Church Can Do Zombie Outreach – Just when you thought pop culture could do no more with zombies, the church joins the shuffling mob! We explore four ways you can reach out to the undead.

9) The Church: A Cultural Institution No More – Once upon a time the church was a cultural institution. But no more. And that means we need to change our approach.

8) A Letter to Pastors: Is Communication PR or DNA? – Is your church communication PR or DNA? An open letter to pastors about two ways of handling communications and the startling differences.

7) Church & Immigration: You’re Not From Around Here – In the midst of the on-going immigration debate, the Bible has a lot to say about welcoming the stranger. As communicators, how do our churches speak to this issue?

6) The Epic Fail of Church Announcements – Why are announcements so chronically bad? Too often we focus on inane details instead of life-giving change.

5) MLK: Church Communication Hero – I like the idea of Dr. King as church communication hero because what we do is not all discarded bulletins, forgotten Facebook updates or unappreciated graphics.

4) A Teenager’s Plea: Don’t Suck – A teen implores churches to take outreach seriously and make an effort to connect to today’s generation.

3) The Power of the Question Mark – The very first rule of social media that I put in place with the churches I work with: There should be more question marks than periods on your page.

2) What Andre the Giant Taught Me About Church Growth – Sometimes the reality of what it means to be a healthy, growing church gets skewed by numbers. Do healthy churches grow? Yes. Does that always mean numerically? Not necessarily.

And the top post of 2011…

1) Church Websites 101 series – So you think your church needs a website. Or a new site. Or a better site. Rock on. But before you get started on your new website, don’t start with the web.

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