Best @cmsucks Tweets of 2011

Best @cmsucks Tweets of 2011

December 29, 2011 by

We have a lot of fun on Twitter sharing shorter bursts of wisdom and hilarity at @cmsucks. Here’s the best of 2011:

10) Church for people who don’t like church: (These articles gushing over electric guitars in church are getting old.) [Nov. 14]

9) “The credibility of our message comes into question when we do mediocre work.” -Kyle Cooper #story11 via @SarahSumpolec [Sept. 16]

8) Granger church has a volunteer proofing team. Give ’em 24 hours notice & they’ll proof it. Awesome. @kemmeyer #Echo11 [July 29]

7) Top 10 church logos for telling a story through design: [Aug. 30]

6) Love @PerryNoble‘s “I [heart] my church” T-shirt. #TheNines [Sept. 27]

5) The top 10 largest churches… of 1969. An interesting look at what’s changed in 40+ years: [May 20]

4) “Trojan” T-shirts give different message after washing: Hilarious. But now dreading first evangelical use of the idea. [Aug. 11]

3) Want to have some fun at your next event (like this week’s STORY)? Try punk the creative: [Sept. 12]

2) World Trade Center Jesus: I think I go straight to hell for laughing at Jesus & 9/11, but I can’t help it. [Sept. 9]

And the number one tweet of 2011…

1) Watch tornado destruction in Minneapolis. Entire block condemned. Ends w/ @TheSanctuary office boarded up & serving: [May 27]

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