The Top 10 Posts of 2013

The Top 10 Posts of 2013

December 30, 2013 by

Every year we put together a collection of our top posts. It’s the best of the best. Not just the most popular, but the most engaging, the most helpful—the best.

We have a lot of great content every year and we can’t mention everything. But first a couple honorable mentions:

Without further adieu, the top 10 posts of 2013:

10. Two Communication Keys That Doubled My Church – My church’s attendance doubled in two years. Why? Because we focused on our ‘why.’ We told people why we existed and said no to distractions.

9. The Forgotten Few Minutes Before Church – What happens when a visitor sits down in your worship space in those few minutes before your service starts? Are you creating an experience that fits your values and brings people back?

8. It’s Sad How Awesome Pope Francis Is – People are smitten with the pope. But it’s sad how surprising it is that the most prominent Christian in the world is acting like Jesus. Shouldn’t that be the norm?

7. How to Handle Communication Requests Without Chaos – When your church staff doesn’t know how to make communication requests, the result is chaos. Here’s a way to use forms to handle communication requests and instill order.

6. 5 Minute Church Logos – If your church is thinking about a logo redesign maybe you could use the kind of creative refresher offered by 5ive Minute Logos. They create five minute logos for $5 and you get what you pay for.

5. How Our Facebook Page Grew to 250K Likes – Nils Smith explains how his church’s Facebook page grew to over 250,000 likes in less than two years. It took experimentation, systematization and plain old hard work.

4. WordPress for Churches: Themes & Plugins to Get Started – Is your church ready to rock WordPress? Then you’ll need some help picking the best plugins and themes to get started.

3. 5 Ways to Do Church Communication on the Cheap – Church communication doesn’t have to be expensive. A Creative Missions alumni explores some ways to do church communication without a huge budget.

2. How to Create a Brand Style Guide – Communicate your brand consistently and bring legitimacy to your communication by developing a set of standards known as a brand style guide.

And our top post of 2013…

1. How to Write Church Announcements – The standard announcement is the bane of the church communicator. They’re important, necessary and dull. Here’s a simple way you can save time and make announcements more effective.

Thanks for another great year. What was your favorite post of 2013?


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