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2010_01_20_endofyearpollresults.jpgWe covered Saddleback’s request for money at the end of 2009 recently, but we wanted to know how their request made you feel. What do you think of churches doing this at the end of the year? Here is what you had to say:

The biggest chunk of you resigned yourself to, “You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.” That’s 31% of you who think you should throw caution to the wind and do what it takes to make the budget.

Next up, a similar 26% of you who are all for it. You think God works at the beginning of the year, the end of the year and everywhere in between. And you’re excited about him working through an end-of-the-year offering.

Just a shade less of our respondents, 23%, were feeling just a tinge skeptical. You’d like to know some of the backstory where these missing dollars fall out of the budget during the year before you pass judgment.

Only 20% of you blatantly disapprove. Of those, 13% of you think it’s probably not worth the public relations hit. And another 7% of you think the same thing, but in stronger words. Unfortunately, a few bad apples have given the church a reputation for being a get-rich-quick scheme, and you want to avoid this association at all times.

This week, like much of the country, we turn our focus to Haiti: How do you feel about the way local churches have responded to the crisis in Haiti?

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3 Responses to “Year-end Ask Poll Results”

  • Mark Brooks
    January 20, 2010

    This poll shows how poorly the respondents understand an end of year appeal. You said, “The biggest chunk of you resigned yourself to, “You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.” Resigned? That negative attitude is why perhaps end of year appeals do not work for the vast majority of Christian leaders. We should never be resigned about anything.
    Of course you should have an end of year appeal! You should have one every year. The key is to do it in the correct manner and not with desperation. Think about how many non-profits contact you in some way towards the end of the year. Why do they do that? Because they are desperate? Or could it be that they have recognized that Americans give most of their charitable gifts towards the end of the year. If it did not work why do you think they continue to do it?
    Done right end of year appeals don’t have to be something you “resign” yourself to or something that you have to take a “hit” on. This poll shows how little we understand donors and how to interact with them.

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  • Matt Kirkland
    January 20, 2010

    My church had the same situation this year, and did it superbly. Basically they said: 2009 was a tough year, we’re behind, and we need you to step up. I thought it was honest, humble, and direct in a way that people with real relationships can be.

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  • Jim Millirons
    January 25, 2010

    WOW!! I thought the year end emphasis rocked!!! I also think contributors should be able to give 24/7 year around and they can through a new virtual tool called eofferingplate. To check it out email me at Go to It’s FUN! It’s EASY!! And, it’s COST EFFECTIVE!!

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