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January 28, 2010 by

2010_01_27_haitipollresults.jpgThe recent disaster in Haiti was of a scale unheard of in the Western Hemisphere. Some of you shared stories of how your churches were responding to the disaster in Haiti. Many faith-based organizations really made an impact during this difficult time, and we were interested to know how you felt about the actions of local churches.

Only 3% of you found yourselves disappointed at the response of churches. And just a few more, 9%, would say you were underwhelmed by support from local churches. These numbers are encouragingly small.

Still in the minority, 12% of our readers felt indifferent about the support from local churches. It was about what you expected, and you saw no reason for pride or shame. It was what it was. Meh.

The biggest chunk were the 48% of you who were pleased with churches’ responses. They went above and beyond in your opinion, and you saw it as a great example of the church acting the way Christ charged us to. Kudos, churches.

Finally, 28% of you were blown away. Beyond pleased, you found yourself amazed at the way local churches allowed God to use them during this tragedy. Coupled with the last group, that makes 76% of you beaming with pride at the way churches have helped in Haiti.

Now, let’s remember that the tragedy isn’t over, and as donations slow, we have a great chance to continue ministering to Haiti. This is a time, as Haiti fades from our nation’s spotlight, that churches can continue showing extraordinary love and care for those in need.

This week, our question is simple: Is your church putting its sermons online?

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2 Responses to “Haitian Crisis Poll Results”

  • Heather
    January 28, 2010

    As donations slow, make sure when you give that 100% goes to relief and development in Haiti by donating to UMCOR. Or, if you want to do something hands-on, make health kits. All the info is at umc.org/haiti.

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  • Jeff Goins
    February 2, 2010

    Awesome. I agree with the 48%. Our organization has been on the ground since the beginning, and we’ve received multiple reports that are hopeful about the church’s response to the crisis. Nonetheless, there is still a LOT of need. I think we’ll see where the rubber meets the road in a few more weeks, maybe a month, when the sexiness of a new humanitarian crisis has worn off and the news stops reporting on the issue everyday.
    Then, I’m hoping we’ll still see the church act like the church.

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