Nuts & Bolts: New Courageous Storytellers Resources

Nuts & Bolts: New Courageous Storytellers Resources

January 7, 2019 by

It’s fun to talk about web design and social media strategy and bulletin formats, but there are a lot of other aspects of our jobs that don’t get a ton of air time. Most of us lead teams in some fashion, all of us take notes in meetings (you are taking notes on your phone and not scrolling Instagram in your staff meeting, right? Right?), and all of us have a bajillion passwords to remember.

Some of those things may not be super trendy to talk about, but they’re all realities we have to face each day in the 21st century office culture we find ourselves in. This month’s collection of resources is admittedly a little random, but each of these topics are important and worthy of discussion.

Is Slack worth considering for your team? Are you using Google Analytics in a way that is actually helpful? And what about those pesky copyright laws?

Nuts and bolts are rarely in the spotlight, but things and teams fall apart without them. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

  • “Unraveling the mystery of copyright” (Q&A webinar with Stin Fox).
  • Mastering Evernote (Q&A webinar with Stacey Harmon).
  • The ultimate list of ProPresenter hacks.
  • Top 6 “A-ha!” moments in Evernote.
  • Copyright One Sheet with all the important basics.
  • Four reasons why your church should try Slack.
  • Password management for your church.
  • Learning from Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.
  • Six ways you’re under-utilizing Google Suite.
  • Three ways to get more online reviews.
  • Tips for leading a creative team.

And, of course, our normal slate of awesome social graphics.

Check out this month’s nuts and bolts resources, and if you’re not a member of Courageous Storytellers, consider joining.

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