Creativity: New Courageous Storytellers Resources

Creativity: New Courageous Storytellers Resources

December 3, 2018 by

You are creative. If you’re anything like me, you probably have days when you’re knocking your head against your desk trying to come up with the next brilliant video script or social media post, and it’s just not happenin’. That pesky “muse” is nowhere to be found, and sometimes no matter how hard you try, you’re just not feelin’ the magic.

And it seems like that other dude at the church across the street is always one step ahead of you.

And then Hillsong or Life.Church drops their new Christmas graphics package and you just sorta hate them for how awesome it is.

No? Just me?

You’re lying.

Especially with the extra chaos of the holidays, we figured this was a good time to take an in-depth look at creativity. How can you be creative when you’re on a tight budget? Is it actually possible to get “creatives” to stick to deadlines? What if you disagree with your pastor’s vision or are just flat-out clueless of what to do next?

We’ve all been there, and I hope these articles and examples are helpful for you:

  • “Creativity & Comedy:” An exclusive Q&A with Trey Kennedy (yeah, that Trey Kennedy).
  • 5 ways to boost your creativity today (webinar with Stephen Brewster).
  • What to do when you disagree with your senior pastor.
  • How to avoid the Christmas “comparison trap.”
  • Escaping the creative slump.
  • How “creative warmups” can keep you fresh.
  • Working with your pastor on creative projects…
  • … and an example of a helpful framework template.
  • “What if I’m not creative?”
  • How to hold creatives to deadlines.
  • And creativity on a budget.

Check out the creativity resources we’ve got this month, and if you’re not a Courageous Storytellers member, consider joining. Every month we offer new resources around a theme, plus you get access to our ever-growing library of resources. It’s a Christmas gift you can give yourself. Join today.

We know your work is probably going unnoticed, and we know you’re working your tail off this month. Thank you for the incredible work you’re doing. Hustle through whatever you have to do, and then take a breather to celebrate with your loved ones. You’ve earned a break!

Merry Christmas, maahhrry Chris-maaass, and haa–ppeeee ha-ahh-la-daaayyzzzee.

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