The Social Christian: A Theological Exploration of Social Media

The Social Christian: A Theological Exploration of Social Media

November 6, 2017 by
The Social Christian: A Theological Exploration of Social Media

“I used to be on Facebook, but it was too negative.”

“I don’t want to share sermon quotes on my profile, it might alienate someone.”

“I will not expose my children to Snapchat or Instagram.”

“I already serve at the church enough, I don’t need to do it on my social profiles.”

Do any of these sound familiar? Churches are becoming more and more aware of the importance of having a presence and engaging the online community, one which continues to grow exponentially. And yet, we are often confronted with objections like these regarding social media or how it is used.

Christians have a responsibility to represent Christ through their status updates, photos, and interactions.

In his new ebook The Social Christian, Phil Schneider does more than just address the fears and negative attitudes and aspects of social media, he calls Christian to take up the banner of Christ and to walk boldly into this ‘strange land’ with confidence, clarity, and compassion.

What makes this book unique is that it is not written from a church marketing perspective. Rather, Schneider outlines a brief but strong case for Christian individuals to be educated about the theology, purpose, and business of social media so that we can be knowledgeable participants in the online world. More than just a ‘behind the scenes’ look at social media though, this book examines what the Christian’s role is on social media and just exactly why it is necessary to be intentional when engaging on our social platforms.

Schneider does not shy away from the negative aspects of social media including everything from laziness to addiction and even the links between social media and pornography. Using Scripture, he addresses these concerns and gives suggestions for how to guard ourselves against sinful behaviors and attitudes while online.

The bottom line is this: Social media is a community that needs Jesus, and Christians have a responsibility, if on social media, to represent Christ through their status updates, photos, and interactions. The author encourages honest and authentic engagement by Christians to the world around them, in person and online.

“As Christians, people should see a bit of God when they see us.”

Why do you need this book? After all, you are a church communicator, you get it. This book is an excellent resource for churches to educate their congregations and staff about social media. It is a practical tool and discipleship resource. Phil Schneider also provides resources to help you facilitate groups and create conversations around the issues outlined in the book. Changing the way our church members understand social media can equip them to go into the online community ready to serve and love others in a new way.

And who knows… your congregation might just start sharing your church’s posts!


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