A Week in the Life: Maggie Barragan

A Week in the Life: Maggie Barragan

June 28, 2016 by

Sometimes church communication work can feel like a solitary job. That’s why we like to encourage connecting with others, whether it’s in person or online. There’s a Facebook group for church communicators that invites people to share what they’re working on every Wednesday. That’s a cool way to connect, so we thought we’d highlight what some folks in the community are doing each week. So we present our ‘A Week in the Life’ series.

Today we hear from Maggie Barragan. She’s the social media manager at Rock Church in San Diego.

I’m really excited about this conference because I get to be around people who understand my world all the way.

What’s on your plate this week?

We are currently getting ready for our pastor to go on vacation. Since most of our content comes from his sermons, we are planning ahead on what we will be posting. We will mostly focus on youth, women’s and men’s social media since they have the most events coming up for the summer.

What are you most excited about right now?

I have a Best of SMS conference coming up on July! I’m really excited about this conference because I get to be around people who understand my world all the way. It’s one thing to talk to someone who works in social media but to be around others who work in social media at a church or a faith based organization, it’s just awesome! I especially love connecting with those who are in the multi-site church world.

What’s holding you back this week and how will you overcome it?

There’s not much holding me back this week, but we are preparing for our content specialist to be on maternity leave. It’s exciting, but we’re a little scared. What will we do without her?!

What does your work space look like right now?

Maggie's work space

We asked Maggie to share a picture of her work space and specifically asked her not to spruce it up for the picture. Click to see a larger version of Maggie’s work space.

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