A Week in the Life: Shannon Whitehead

A Week in the Life: Shannon Whitehead

August 16, 2016 by

We’ve been connecting with church communicators each week this summer with our ‘A Week in the Life’ series.

Today we hear from Shannon Whitehead. She’s the communications coordinator at Transformation Church in Charlotte, N.C.

We have a creative team meeting coming up this week and I love those.

What’s on your plate this week?

This week is definitely shaping up to be an exciting one of focus and execution on a few items, as I’m starting some projects and finishing up others. In addition to normal, weekly tasks of getting information gathered and written for our worship guides (what we call our programs/bulletins) and newsletter, I’m also preparing a digital communications plan for our next series, covering communication bases for an outdoor baptism event next month, connecting with potential servant leaders (what we call our volunteers), writing the week’s social media plan, finishing up a social media guidebook for staff, and a few smaller things such as followups with a few ministry teams and website updates.

What are you most excited about right now?

We have a creative team meeting coming up this week and I love those. Our production, communication, music and a few other team members will come together to brainstorm how the artwork and video bumper should look for a series in November. We do this before every series. Our pastor is great about sending us his sermon series outline and vision months ahead of time so that we can plan, prepare and create with excellence to the best of our ability.

What’s holding you back this week and how will you overcome it?

I was just joking with a teammate when asked, “What would we need to be able to do _____?” and I said, “More hours in the day!” Time is always cramping my style. I’ll start knocking out things on my list and before I know it, the week is gone and it’s time to try it again on Monday. I’m a person who loves to plan everything out and I was recently told that I’m very strategic, so I’ll have to rely on those strengths (all the while trying not to do everything in my own strength but seek God for guidance instead!) in order to overcome the time constraints.

What does your work space look like right now?

The actual desk is where I am sometimes and usually where I intend to work, and the other is where I usually end up—in my sun room with my computer on a lap desk.

Click to see a larger view of Shannon's work space.

Click to see a larger view of Shannon’s work space.


Click to see a larger view of Shannon’s sun room.

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