Jon Acuff’s DO Summer Challenge

Jon Acuff’s DO Summer Challenge

June 5, 2015 by

Maybe you’ve heard of his snarky books (Stuff Christians Like, Start: Punch Fear in the Face), or you might remember the interview he gave us a few years ago on church marketing. Either way, Jon Acuff is back with a new challenge: DO summer 2015.

Acuff wants you to spend 25 hours honing a skill you’ve always wanted. Be it resume writing or jogging, the best-selling author encourages you to DO summer by working on your skill in just 15 minutes a day. Sounds do-able, right?

After you sign up through his website, Acuff will send a free worksheet to help you track your hours as well as delivering a weekly pep talk to your inbox. He’s also created a special Facebook group for participants—where you can get “wildly fun accountability.” Finally, participants will tweet their progress using the hashtag #DOSummer2015. Acuff’s challenge kicks off June 8 and runs through Sept. 8.

Why not DO summer in your church? This could be the season you finally master InDesign or maintain your church’s Twitter account for more than three days. After all, what do you have to lose?

“There’s no telling what positive habits, life changing opportunities and unexpected adventures you can stir up by doing something so simple.” -Jon Acuff

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