The Big Summer Push

June 13, 2008 by

This week’s poll asks you, how does your church adjust its marketing efforts for summer? Why do we ask that? Well, it seems tons of churches just kind of chill out over the summer, enjoying the smaller crowds and lighter workload. Maybe they listen to an edited Jimmy Buffett CD and drink a virgin pina colada, who knows?

But what about a big outreach campaign? The church I work for, awhile back, did a campaign called “A Seat for Everyone.” Lots of churches already have plenty of seats for everyone, but if you’re normally crowded, turn less crowds into a big win. Maybe crank out a video poking fun at people cramming in your church normally, and then let them know that there’s plenty of room over the summer. There’s a thousand more possibilities, but don’t give up because it’s summer.

Either way, church marketers, Church Marketing Sucks challenges you to turn the summer slump into a big win for church marketing. Or, to rhyme, turn your summer fizzle into a summer sizzle. If you’ve done it before, let us know how you succeeded. If you’re ready to try it, head to the Church Marketing Lab to get started.

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Joshua Cody

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5 Responses to “The Big Summer Push”

  • Greg Simmons
    June 13, 2008

    We reduce our schedule for the summer. As a smaller church, our attendance takes a big hit in summer months. But, we’re having “Family Fun Nights” during the summer – one per month. Free ice cream, free food, music, volleyball, horseshoes, water games, etc. Going with the theme…take a “staycation”

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  • Dale Schaeffer
    June 13, 2008

    We’ll be doing three things to capitalize on the summer and the tight economy.
    1) We partnered with to kick summer off with a prayer emphasis and to test video teaching for our new campus launch next year.
    2) We rented a water park in late July and will be hosting a free water park night for about 2,000 people. The goal being to reach families who would love to go, but can’t afford to.
    3) We’ll be hosting a large Labor day weekend party in the park with a Saturday evening worship event, with fireworks to follow at the local outdoor soccer complex.
    Should be a great summer!

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  • Josh Asbury
    June 13, 2008

    Just like a recession is the time to be investing in your business — the summer is time to be investing in your marketing. When times are slow, you really have the opportunity to try out new approaches to reaching people and learning what sticks.

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  • Steve
    June 13, 2008

    We are making a huge push for S4, our “Summer Summer Sunday School.” We run it kinda like a VBS, but on Sunday mornings with the desire to draw in parents as well. We have developed a website (, invitations cards and a roadside sign. S4 will culminate with one worship service (we normally have 2) with a picnic and fun day.

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  • Ted
    June 15, 2008

    Our church is going with ‘Back to Church Sundays”. The theme for the entire summer is “God won’t hold your past against you, and neither will we.” So many feel they can’t set foot inside a church again, or don’t know where to go. Print, web and touchcards…

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