Why Is Graphic Design Important for Churches?

Why Is Graphic Design Important for Churches?

May 21, 2015 by

Graphic design is a foreign term for too many churches. Sure, we talk about a lot of megachurches that crank out cool designs and have multiple designers on staff. But the rest of us feel lucky if we have a decent logo we can slap on some letterhead.

Most churches don’t do graphic design.

But they should. Especially in today’s crowded visual age when communicate needs to catch the eye, but also be clear and direct.

Most churches would say they can’t afford graphic design. But the reality is that churches can’t afford to be ignored. We’ll talk more about the practical realities of affording graphic design in the future, but for now let’s focus on the importance of graphic design.

8 Reasons Graphic Design Is Important

Here are eight quotes from church communicators about why graphic design is important from last week’s #cmschat on Twitter:

  1. “One of the main jobs of the church, if not the main job is to communicate—graphic design helps us do that well.” –Rebecca Harris
  2. “If only some churches realized there’s more to communicating the gospel than a sermon on a Sunday.” –Elizabeth Webster
  3. “Design speaks the international language and transcends borders. Churches should leverage it to the max.” –Steve Fogg
  4. “Churches need to realize the value that communication through design can bring to the table—and treat it accordingly.” –Jordan Gillman
  5. “Good graphic design can drive a message, make it clearer.” –Marcy Heinz
  6. “It enriches the experience, adds professionalism and creates strong branding.” –Carol Wyatt
  7. “Good design communicates value to your guests. Don’t underestimate the power of well crafted collateral.” –Shad Fox
  8. “Good design is powerful. Great design is invisible.” –Neal Fischer


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