Easter Social Graphics: Free Downloads to Share

Easter Social Graphics: Free Downloads to Share

March 10, 2015 by

We all know Easter is coming and you’re working overtime trying to get everything ready. Forget about the Easter social graphics? Don’t worry—we’ve got your back. You can download four editable Easter social graphics to share and invite people to your Easter services.

How to Use The Easter Social Graphics

Here’s how you can put the free Easter social graphics to work for your church:

  1. Edit the graphics as needed. One of the graphics has a handy place to add service times and other info.
  2. Post the graphics to Facebook.
  3. Encourage your community to share your Facebook posts, turning them into a simple and non-threatening invite.
  4. Social media works better when you engage, so you could also include additional text with the post. Ask people questions about Easter traditions or favorite ways to celebrate.

Free Easter Social Graphics

Here’s a free Easter social graphic you can share on your church social accounts. We’ve included ready-to-use JPG files and PSD files so you can make some edits:

Easter social graphics

Download the Easter Social Graphics

Big thanks to Sheri Felipe for designing our Easter social graphics!

Do It Yourself

Think pre-made Easter graphics are lame? We won’t be offended if you want to make your own. In fact, we encourage it. The Church Graphics Handbook by Brady Shearer can be a big help if you want to get creative but aren’t sure where to start. It comes with templates and graphics you can edit and tweak.

Super Sunday: Planning Easter for Your ChurchNeed More? 3 Easter Resources:

  1. Get more Easter ideas with our growing collection of articles, examples, and more.
  2. Check out our book, Super Sunday: Planning Easter for Your Church, for tips on how to plan, promote, and survive Easter.
  3. Go deeper for even more Easter resources and join our Courageous Storytellers Membership Site. You'll get access to downloadable resources including planners, guides, worksheets, graphics, and more.
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4 Responses to “Easter Social Graphics: Free Downloads to Share”

  • Michele Koch
    March 10, 2015

    I paid for the Easter graphic download, and when I opened the zip file, none of the files are able to open. Says the files are not formatted right.


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  • Chuck Scoggins
    March 11, 2015

    Hi Michele,

    I just downloaded them to my computer and they worked fine. I’m wondering if the zip file got corrupted for you during download or something along those lines. Would you mind trying again (if you put $0 in the Gumroad payment box, it will not charge you for them) and if you still can’t get them email me (chuck@cfcclabs.org) and I’ll upload them somewhere where you can download each file directly.

    Sorry you’re having trouble with them!


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  • Janice Colt
    March 11, 2015

    Thanks so much for the resources! Does anyone know if there’s an advantage to creating a Facebook event vs. post in terms of increasing people’s likelihood to share?

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  • Peg Weissbrod
    March 12, 2015

    Hi Janice,
    In our limited experience, we’ve noticed more posts are shared than Events. I usually create an Event, then a few days later, I post about the event with an attractive graphic and a link to our website for more information. Those are more likely to be shared, but people seem to want to look at our Events tab when “checking out” our church, so I try to remember to keep those up to date.

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