10 Reasons You Need to Go to the Certification Lab

10 Reasons You Need to Go to the Certification Lab

August 26, 2014 by

The Certification Lab is our two-day, intensive training event that helps take church communicators to the next level. If you’ve been teetering on the edge of deciding whether or not to attend the next Certification Lab, these 10 reasons may be just the push you need.

1. Resources. Resources. Resources.

Our five instructors who have over 40 years combined experience are extremely generous in sharing practical resources that they use with their teams on a daily basis. These tips, tools, templates, documents, and more will help you immediately improve your communications.

2. Get Your Most Burning Questions Answered

“If I could just ask an expert this one question it would clear up this puzzle!” I bet you have that thought at least once a day. The Certification Lab will give you the chance to get your most burning questions answered quickly, efficiently and by experts in the field.

3. Spice Up Your Twitter Feed With Nuggets of Wisdom

One former participant shared that he hadn’t tweeted so much in over a year. This collection of tweets from the last Certification Lab will give you a glimpse at the nuggets of wisdom you’ll have to share.

4. Drink From a Well of Wisdom That Holds Over 40 Years of Combined Experience

This Certification Lab provides instruction from individuals who have worked in everything from mega-churches to church plants to church creative agencies. Their combined 40 years of experience is a unique well you don’t get to drink from very often.

5. Be Understood

The job of a church communications director can feel isolating at times. With the variety of responsibilities you are tasked with, you may feel others just don’t quite “get” what you do. Spend two days surrounded by a community who understands the challenges and rewards of your unique job role.

6. Two Days in Southern California. Duh.

Does this reason even need explanation? Southern California may have some of the most beautiful weather and scenery on the planet. Any reason is a good reason to spend a couple of days in the land of sunshine.

7. Build Your Network

The Certification Lab is limited to 50 participants for a reason—it allows you to develop real peer connections. This is one of the most valuable pieces for participants. A private Facebook group allows you to connect long after the Lab is over to get feedback and advice as challenges arise in your individual communications settings.

8. Change of Perspective

Feel like you’ve been running against a wall in troubleshooting particular communication challenges? Maybe you’re a little frustrated or weary. A change of scenery is a great way to inspire a change of perspective. Just a few days away gives you the space to see new solutions to the persistent problems and be personally refreshed while you’re at it.

9. Leave the Land of Overwhelmed

If you’re like most communication directors, your responsibilities include everything from weekly bulletins to announcements to website maintenance to social media to creative planning for sermon series. Often it’s overwhelming just thinking about everything you have to get done. The tips and resources shared at the Certification Lab will provide you with tangible handles to hold on to so you can climb the ladder up and out of the land of overwhelmed.

10. Help End the Great Coke vs. Pepsi Debate

OK, so maybe we don’t actually end this debate, but we will discover some incredible branding lessons we can learn from these two great companies and many more.

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"All this encouragement at #CertLab has me tearing up. It's amazing to finally be among a remarkable tribe of people that understand!"

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