Church Comm Training: Jenny Rain at Certification Lab

Church Comm Training: Jenny Rain at Certification Lab

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Our Certification Lab is a highly practical and personal training event, limited to 50 people. Our podcast host Dave Shrein talks with previous participant Jenny Rain about her experience at Certification Lab. They talk about the role of the communications director and some of the practical things she’s learned:

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“I didn’t know the questions to ask before I started.”

Participants walk away from the Certification Lab with real, practical solutions to their unique challenges. Register now.

Gain Confidence

Jenny has been on staff as the communications director at National Community Church in Washington, D.C., for just over 12 months and in that time has had to build a communication department from the ground up. In the conversation, Jenny and Dave talk about how the Certification Lab was a huge learning event. The Certification Lab gave her the confidence she needed to make decisions on behalf of her church.

“I walked away with a confidence I didn’t have when I walked into the room.”

Move Forward

At National Community Church, Jenny is the sole person in the communication department and has benefited from both the two-day event as well as the on-going networking with the instructors and other participants. Even now she connects regularly with other participants to tackle new challenges and encourage others in her group as they do their work in their unique settings.

“You think you know a job, but there are holes in your knowledge… like Swiss cheese. Until you get those holes plugged, you can’t be as effective as you could be. There were a lot more questions I had internally than I realized I did. The conference really fleshed that out.”

Connect With Experts

The Certification Lab features pros in the field with over 40 years combined experience. You’ll get to learn from Phil Bowdle, Stephen Brewster, Kelley Hartnett, Mark MacDonald and Gerry True. And not just hearing them speak, but connecting directly with them to get your specific questions answered.

“They were all my communication heroes.”

You’re Not Alone

Walking into a difficult role, Jenny discovered she wasn’t the only one struggling with certain issues. She found confirmation in her challenges and reinforcement of what she was doing.

“The questions I was having were normal… I walked away very encouraged.”

Certification Lab

As you can see from Jenny’s experience, the Certification Lab can be a powerful event to move you forward as a church communicator. Register now.

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