Certification Lab: Interview With Gerry True

Certification Lab: Interview With Gerry True

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Gerry True is the communication arts pastor at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. He’s also one of the facilitators for our upcoming Certification Lab. What’s that? It’s a two-day training intensive coming to Nashville in October.  The early price ends this weekend, so register now. We talk with Gerry to get the inside story on the Certification Lab.

How would your early years in church communication have changed if you had the kind of training the Certification Lab offers?

Gerry True: I think my early years would have been very different in three areas if I’d spent time with seasoned church communicators. Decision-making, destination clarity and change management would have been far less stressful and I think I would have slept better too. Good chance I would have avoided those anxiety attacks that rocked my world in the early days. Learning from people who had walked where I would walk could have saved me from stepping off the cliff more than once.

What experiences did you draw on when putting together the curriculum for the Certification Lab?

Gerry: The past 14 years I’ve made dozens of mistakes as I have been learning what it takes to communicate well with church leaders and attenders. Fortunately, I’ve survived them and I’m excited to know there is still more to learn as new tools and technology become available to church communicators.

The experiences I personally drew on when helping the team develop this lab experience comes from wrestling with the challenges of shifting dependence from offline “come and get” materials to online conversations. Over the years I have helped create systems and structure that served to prioritize what must be communicated. Remarkable innovations have spawned a wave of creative solutions for churches and this Lab is designed to help church communicators deliver on clarity as they lead their church forward.

How is the Certification Lab different from any other event or coaching opportunity?

Gerry: This Certification Lab is different for several reasons. I’ll share a couple. First, I have never known conference or a coach with the breadth of experience these presenters possess. The combined strengths of the facilitators are compelling and each comes with a unique capability. Pair those strengths with a two-day conversation and you have a powerful combination for gaining solid insight unlike any single coach can provide. Please don’t get me wrong, a coach can be great. I’ve had them and I’ve learned from them. In this experience though, you get access to four coaches who are walking a similar path with similar struggles.

Secondly, I am pleased that this Lab is a place to wrestle with tough questions and to receive help from people who are skilled in managing resistance that comes from difficult transitions.  I think most people would much rather have four experienced communicators helping find a solution than just one and that is what this Lab is prepared to provide.

What are you most looking forward to at the Certification Lab?

Gerry: I’m looking forward to experiencing the “Aha!” moments when conversations spotlight practical solutions that generate visible excitement. The best days are ahead and this two-day conversation will deliver fresh insights and inspire church communicators as they head home to lead.

I’m also looking forward to the ongoing conversation with peers who are investing in the kingdom. We have been given a God-sized calling and it is great to lock arms with others who are the conduits of God’s grace.


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