Certification Lab: Interview With Phil Bowdle

Certification Lab: Interview With Phil Bowdle

September 20, 2013 by
Phil Bowdle is the communications director at West Ridge Church in Atlanta. He’s also one of the presenters and organizers of the Certification Lab, a two-day training intensive coming to Nashville in October. We talked to Phil about the upcoming Lab:

What’s the biggest challenge facing new church communicators?

Phil Bowdle: Church communications can be overwhelming! Every week, things need to get designed, written, posted, printed, shot and promoted. This process can be chaotic and overwhelming. The challenge new communicators have is to create systems and strategy to effectively communicate what’s happening in and through your church and partner with ministries to remove barriers from people taking their next steps. It’s a challenging job, but it’s a critical one.

How will the Certification Lab help prepare them to face that challenge?

Phil: The biggest thing is that you’ll experience tons of practical information and resources you can take and apply right away. What I love about the the Certification Lab is that the focus isn’t solely on growing as a communicator. This two-day event is focused on helping you grow in your communication, creativity and leadership. It takes all three to be effective in this role.

Why should a new church communicator pony up the expense and attend the Certification Lab?

Phil: Because what you do matters. The more you invest in yourself as a leader and as a church communicator, the more effective you and your church are at connecting people to Christ through the local church. This Certification Lab isn’t your typical conference. This is a crash course in the essentials of church communications that will challenge, inspire and equip you in your role as a church communicator. Man, I wish I had this when I was getting started!

What are you most looking forward to at the Certification Lab?

Phil: I’m excited to get in a room full of church communicators who don’t have it all figured out, but want to grow and learn from each other. It’s environments like this that are a great reminder to creatives like us that we’re not alone. Beyond that, I’m pumped about the practical take-aways that will come from the teaching. Conferences have a tendency to be inspiring, but not always as practical. This Certification Lab will be packed full of simple and practical content you can take and use right away. I can’t wait to see how these two days will impact leaders and churches across the country.


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