Getting Started Quotes

Getting Started Quotes

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Last month we released the new ebook series Getting Started in Church Communication. It’s a series of three ebooks that are available separately or collected into a handy 3-in-1 volume (which saves you $2). The ebooks cover the basics of launching or redesigning a website for your church, everything you need to know about writing copy, and how to land a job and get started as a new church communicator.

Check out some of the quotes from the ebooks and buy your copy today.

“You can tweet about what time church starts, or you can tweet about how Jesus changed your life.”

“You don’t need a budget to communicate well. You need to work hard, work smart, talk to people and implement change one decision at a time.”

“One of the biggest challenges facing someone new to church communication is trying to say everything to everyone, everywhere.”

“You want to write better? Read better.”

“For all the communication skills you’ll need to do your job, none are more important than your people skills.”

“Life is your new college. Keep learning.”

“Church work often requires a jack-of-all-trades approach. You don’t always have the luxury of being a specialist.”

“You have to learn to recognize when you’re doing something because it’s cool or because it will be genuinely effective.”

“Take a lot of deep breaths and learn to stop taking criticism personally.”

“Staying grounded in prayer is a great help in navigating the constantly changing landscape of communication technology.”

“The first rule of websites is don’t start with the web.”

“First impressions are no longer physical but virtual.”

“If you don’t make things convenient for people they won’t use it. It doesn’t matter how awesome the design looks.”

“Build a site your church can actually sustain.”

“Your website is not a dumping ground for every bit of copy your church has ever created.”

“A lack of resources needs to be viewed as an opportunity, not a setback.”

“It’s such a joy to know the impact we can have online through our church websites.”

 Grab a copy of Getting Started in Church Communication today.

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