2010 Favorites Poll Results

December 28, 2010 by
2010 Favorites Poll Results

Last week, we took the week of Christmas to ask you what your favorite post of the year was. Voter turnout was about what one would expect when travel to the polls was inhibited by time with family, Christmas-dinner-induced food comas, and general non-Internet holiday festivities.

So without further ado, here are your favorites of 2010:

Our interview with homeless advocate Mark Horvath was your favorite post of the year. Mark pulled no punches when challenging the church to stop talking and start doing, and he apparently hit a sweet spot with our readers.

After that, we have some strong contenders, possibly based on post title alone. WTF Church and Strippers vs. Churchgoers were your next favorites, as we dealt with a gaffe that turned out to be a purposeful play and a picketing war between a local church and local strippers.

Next, you were keen on our advice for churches when you’re being unfairly attacked by the media and in the world of logo design, courtesy of the Gap logo disaster. Just as many of the folks who responded most enjoyed our observation that churches aren’t paying attention on Twitter and our reminder to be careful how you present¬†information. In the latter story, a church put its missions budget right next to its building budget, and the results weren’t pretty. And finally, a same-sized group loved our coverage of 77 churches canceling their services to do good.

This week’s poll is simple, you don’t have to have even read the posts, as we continue our 2010 retrospective: What’s the best advice shared on Church Marketing Sucks in 2010?

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