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2009_08_04_whattimepollresults.jpgYou hear of church attendance spikes at certain times of the year–after the new year, in the fall, Christmas, Easter, etc. But how are these newcomers arriving? Is it at the urging of friends? Are they simply picking a church on these days? We decided to ask you if you’re the ones doing the extra inviting at these times.

The resounding answer? Nope. 53% of you don’t make a special effort to aim for these special days. You simply invite them to whichever Sunday works in the context of the relationship.

The most popular day for you to invite a friend after “Eh, anytime,” is Christmas Eve. 15% of you are most likely to invite friends to your church’s dancing Christmas tree, hand bell concert or candle light service.

Sadly, the next most important time is “no time.” Your church isn’t worth inviting to, so you don’t bother on any special days.

After that, call in the scrub holidays. The first Sunday of the fall and Easter hover around 10%, while only 1% of you would be most likely to invite at the beginning of the year.

Recently, the issue was hotly debated here on Church Marketing Sucks, and this week, we’re asking this: John Piper thinks we should keep our preaching pure, focusing on the power of our words instead of media. What do you think?

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2 Responses to “What Time Poll Results”

  • Duncan Robinson
    August 5, 2009

    I think that Piper has a valuable point, sometimes we can over-explain texts with examples and videos and personal stories, when it might just be better letting the scripture do its work. The video raises some valuable points, I don’t really his final statement “Do I think you will go to hell, no, at least not in the short term?!!” something like that right at the very end.
    Using media to make a point, isn’t going to send you to hell….ever. Actually if you are faithful to the words of God and go completely digital, you won’t go to hell….ever!

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  • Adam Rushlow
    August 5, 2009

    I’m recommending a follow-up poll that I think would bring clarity and provide room for discussion about church invitation.
    Q: How many times have you invited people to church in the last 12 months?
    You see, here’s the thing. Simply, often times if we don’t have a plan, we may never be intentional in our action. For example, “Just whatever Sunday works” may imply that we don’t ever take action and actually invite someone to church. IF (big IF) the majority of that 53% haven’t invited someone then the poll says something entirely different. “Anytime” may not be the most popular time…

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