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What kind of extra marketing is your church doing for Christmas this year? (pick as many as apply)Last week we asked about Christmas marketing. The most popular approach is extra services or special programs for Christmas, with 27% of respondents. Then it’s a practical dead-heat between advertising, extra announcements, word of mouth and a special Christmas sermon series.

The witty slogan on the church sign didn’t fair so well with only 2%. In the ‘other’ category, several people said their church was doing nothing. And one person said their church was canceling services since it went over so well last year (it’s a joke!).

We asked a similar question last year and it looks like the results are pretty much the same. If anything, a few more people are doing some of the basics like advertising, extra announcements and word of mouth, but the most common approach then as now was to do extra or special services for Christmas.

This week we’re asking what you thought of our T-shirt sale.

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  • Luke Simmons
    December 14, 2006

    How about a poll asking whether people enjoy their Christmas Eve services? I find that Christmas and Easter are my LEAST enjoyable services of the year. Why would we do something totally different than we do all year long on those days? Plus, if you enjoyed the 15 minute sermon on Christmas Eve, you might feel a little “baited and switched” if you came back the next week to find a 45 minute sermon. Fortunately, I’ll be traveling on Christmas Eve this year, so I won’t have to endure it.

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