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2009_07_27_newchurchespollresults.jpgRecently, we took a look at the three big reasons people choose a church. It essentially breaks down to theology, ministry and fellowship. So what is it that drives you to a church?

Well, for 58% of you, it’s theology that’s king. You want to know whether or not a potential church shares your dispensational premillennialism before you go giving their greeters your hand. Or maybe it’s more practical and you want to know more of their day-to-day theology. But either way, theology is your thing.

Another 10% of you are looking for a place to serve. Does the church make it easy for you to get connected? Do they work with other local ministries? Will they let you make their web site?

And the final third of you (32% to be precise) are looking for friends. You want to go somewhere they’ll sing “Happy Birthday” and the old people will bring you warm chocolate chip cookies.

This week, we want to know, which Sunday of the year would you be most likely to invite a friend to church?

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  • Rosemary
    July 29, 2009

    Just my 2 cents. I think “fellowship” and “relational opportunities” goes a lot farther than friendship. For example, it includes “social support network” when you are in actual emotional or physical need. Which can be far more important and necessary than simple friendships.

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