Church Marketing Lab: Easter, Moving and More

March 26, 2009 by

Coming up in two weeks, we have one of the biggest holidays for churches and church marketers. More people are willing to come to church on Easter than any other day of the year, so why not go all out, right? Head over to the Church Marketing Lab to see all of the great Easter graphics and chatter. Here’s a little taste (both Easter and non) of what we’ve been seeing:

The Mission is moving, and they’re sending out this mailer.

My latest design piece
Check out this Easter invitation to River Valley Church.

Easter Invitation
And here’s another Easter invitation looking for some feedback.

through_the_valley copy
This series concept is for an upcoming Through the Valley series.

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2 Responses to “Church Marketing Lab: Easter, Moving and More”

  • Nicole
    March 27, 2009

    Hey everyone,
    I saw the article about Easter and think it is great that people are making plans and getting excited about the festivities. My sister is coming home from America for Easter which everyone is really happy about. Easter is one of those religious festivals that can turn out to be quite stressful, what with all the family over demanding attention, and having to cook lunch for everyone… the list goes on. I always find Easter greetings cards quite expensive, and I really don’t like giving my hard earned cash to those big greetings card companies. So I may have found an alternative solution in the form of electronic greetings cards. Not only do they save paper, and stamps, but as long as you opt for a free site then the Easter e-Card is going to be free. I have done my research and have found a really lovely Free Easter e-Card site. I like this site as I found it so easy to use, which is great because I am not very confident with computers, also I liked the wide range of choice of cards they offer. There are loads of e-Card sites out there, so it maybe worth doing your own research in order to find the best one. Hope everyone has a great Easter whatever you decide to get up to.

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  • Steve
    March 29, 2009

    I think the comment above is spam…

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