Language for the Next Generation

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All you church marketers have to stay on your lingo A-game. Your church service probably won’t attract many folks if you describe it as “groovy,” “neat-o-rama” or “super duper.” Mastering language is essential for properly explaining what’s going on in terms the culture can understand.

That’s why we’re proud to point you to an article highlighting entries from the 2008 cultural dictionary. You’ll meet such common millennial words as compuncate, meatspace, bacn and porntastic.

To give you some context, for your church to reach peachfuzz billionaires sporting that bershon look in meatspace, you’ll need to provide them passion buckets or some totally porntastic events, lest they should defriend you.

(link via MMI)

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2 Responses to “Language for the Next Generation”

  • Josh Lee
    June 6, 2008

    ha ha, nice find. I am always looking for all the porntastic events I van get my hands on.

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  • cynthia
    June 6, 2008


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