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Have you ever done a church survey? We talked about them long ago, but if you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, I wanted to give another little plug. It’s a great way to get quantitative data to put certainty to your qualitative hunch. Church Central recently discussed three tips to survey development, and while they may seem a little rudimentary, they’re a great starting point. I’ll give you their categories and my thoughts about them.

  • What do you want to know? Don’t just start taking shots in the sky and hoping someone will give you some good answers. Figure out exactly what you’re looking to know, and ask accordingly. You don’t have to know everything right now; just stay focused, and keep it simple.
  • Remember survey etiquette. Find a way to make your survey least intrusive and most diverse. Ask differently formatted question so number folks and grammar folks can both get their say, and make it available to people so it’s not an inconvenience.
  • Follow-up is key. This is so vital. Let people know that their votes mattered and you’re looking to make changes. If the survey wasn’t anonymous, get in touch with individuals to delve deeper or say “Thanks.”

Church surveys are a simple way to know your congregation and give them a voice; don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

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