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2008_04_15surveysayspollresults.jpgWe were wondering this week if your church has ever done a church-wide survey. Tons of churches do them and swear by them, other folks think they’re a gigantic waste of paper. Our Church Marketing Sucks readers–an avant-garde bunch, if I do say so–had this to say:

53% of you have done it at least once, but you don’t go on a regular basis. Did you have a good experience, or not so much? My church is in the middle of our yearly survey effort, and it’s pivotal for us. 12% of you are in the same boat, repeating your survey again and again.

23% of you have it on the drawing board, but you haven’t actually done it yet. There’s something keeping you from taking the leap into surveying. And a final 13% of you are the anti-survey crowd who don’t see the need for it yet.

Thinking of going for it, but not sure how to write it, what to say, or where to go? Sounds like a project for our Freelance Lab if you ask me.

This week, we’re looking to find out, does your church put a priority on social justice?

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