Church Marketing Lab: Celebration!

June 22, 2007 by

We made it! A thousand members! Thanks so much to everyone who is a part of the Church Marketing Lab. It’s been an incredible run so far, and I think the church has seen fruit from your cooperation and synergy. We’re pretty down-to-earth guys here at CMS, so I guess it’s time to hunker down, push to 2,000, and celebrate how we know best–by showing you what’s been up in the Church Marketing Lab this week, so we’ve got a few logos and an ad for you!

Babyspot is working on a new nursery logo.

Beach retreat time for Fire Escape! Here’s their flyer.

There’s some need for a new logo at ALARM International.

MP3 Generation ministries is working on a new logo as well.

Thanks again for helping us push to a thousand members, but hey, the sky is the limit. Let’s make it a million! Well, maybe start with 2,000…

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