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June 1, 2007 by

I always love when we have new and interesting media up for discussion in the Church Marketing Lab. We’ve seen movies, bulletins, church directories, coffee cups, logos, color palettes, web sites, newsletters and more. In case you never visited, it’s not just 2,000 clip-art crosses with folks debating about which is better. Keep mixing it up and bringing new things to the table; those of you that aren’t over there regularly, check out some of what goes on:

Faith Baptist Church is tired of their old logo, so they’re working on a new one.

Here’s a flyer for Friday services at Front Line Ministries.

The Urban Legend series has a new video to show.

Living Proof Youth Ministry is also looking to design a new logo.

We’re at 950+ members and nearly 2,000 photos. Head over, join up, and start uploading so we can get to nice, round numbers!

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