Church Marketing Lab: At the Beach

May 24, 2007 by

Over at the Church Marketing Lab, we’re seeing more and more graphics pertaining to Summer trips and events. So grab your floaties, snorkels, and flippers, because here’s a little sampling of graphics going to the beach!

The Blitz Extreme camp is preparing a t-shirt for their beach trip.

Fire Escape created a postcard for their beach week.

First Baptist Nashville is also promoting a week at the beach.

This Colorado church prepared a poster for a summer concert series (OK, so it’s not beach themed, but it’s Colorado–who thinks beach when they think of Colorado?)

I can smell the salty ocean already. Grab your laptop, head to the beach, and visit the Church Marketing Lab to review some of the art that’s going up.

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Joshua Cody

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One Response to “Church Marketing Lab: At the Beach”

  • Mean Dean
    May 24, 2007

    I can feel the sand between my toes – and PTL that there’s none of that cliche footsteps artwork for this summer (not a bad meme, just a bit overdone).
    I like the summer concert, though it does have a bit of a autumnal feel – perhaps effective for a Canadian event?
    Hmmm … what … no summer camp?

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