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The Buzz Conference began yesterday in Washington, D.C., and continues today (with our very own Brad Abare). Here’s a run down of the buzz about Buzz for all those who–like me–can’t be there and have to settle for reading about it. For the 32% so far who have clicked “no conferences this year” on this week’s poll–again, like me–let’s go live vicariously!

  • Tony Morgan gives a good overview, including 5 of Mark Batterson’s 10 Buzz Commandments (which you can get more detail on from the Buzz site) and Ed Young’s 9 questions he asks before speaking.
  • Michael from Oak Leaf Church summarizes Ed Young’s general session comments on creative leadership.

  • Event organizer Mark Batterson (who we interviewed) gives a recap of the first day, including his favorites from the film festival. All I have to say is where’s the love for us vicarious folks, huh? How about some YouTube postings?
  • Steve Wilson comments on the intimate setting and recaps the 10 Buzz Commandments. Best note: “How to kill buzz: meet expectations. You’ve got to exceed expectations.” He also posted on Ed Young’s session and the Buzz staff Q&A and film festival.
  • Gary Lamb comments on the nearly cramped quarters (what are they going to do next year?) and assures us that he only freaked a couple people out with his panel.
  • Tadd Grandstaff is apparently one of those people Gary Lamb freaked out. He’s eager to stop sharing a room with Lamb and get back home to his wife.
  • Travis Johnson comments on the worship and offers a few photos. Now we’re livin’ the vicarious life.
  • Roger Blackmore wasn’t as impressed. He had hoped for more of a forum environment from the theater church roundtable.

If you’d like to follow the continuing conversation yourself, you can keep tabs in Google. The Buzz site also links to Technorati, but they don’t have nearly as many current links–stick with Google.

Update: David Grumme shows us non-conference types some love with a couple of video links from Sugar Creek Baptist Church that appeared at the Buzz film festival and Mark Batterson described as “off the chain,” whatever that means:

Update: Check out our continuing coverage of day two.

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  • Fernando's Desk
    May 8, 2006

    The Buzz Conference on Church Marketing has just concluded and Church Marketing Sucks has a great roundup of the blog commentary on the event here and here. Some excellent reading.
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