Scott Magdalein

Scott Magdalein is the founder of TrainedUp, a simple online training platform used by ministries and teams of all sizes to develop leaders, train volunteers, teach the Bible and equip believers. Connect with Scott on Twitter.

Scott Magdalein's Posts:

How Email Automation Can Improve Ministry Communication
May 2, 2016

How Email Automation Can Improve Ministry Communication

Email automation is a way to efficiently send timely messages and make your life easier. Plus you can better connect with your congregation and do ministry.


brand-identity Article
April 7, 2008

Brands Are Bigger Than Logos

If you read Church Marketing Sucks often, then you’ll see the word “brand” come up here and there. It’s used as a noun, meaning the collection of your logo, letterhead, ...


technology Article
January 14, 2008

Four Pastoral Blogging Taboos and How To Fix Them

We see from the Blogging Pastor Poll Results that were posted back in November that 72% of pastors aren’t blogging successfully. I can’t imagine that the percentage has changed over ...